Venom 3 Reportedly Begins Filming, But Fans Remain Skeptical About Villain-Verse Future

Venom 3 Reportedly Begins Filming, But Fans Remain Skeptical About Villain-Verse Future
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According to the latest update, Venom 3 will start shooting next week, but fans think the studio should have reconsidered their plans instead.

Following the announcement that Venom will be getting a third installment, along with cast updates, it now seems that the production process is finally about to begin.

According to Murcia Today, filming is expected to begin next week in Cartagena, Spain, as preparations are currently in full swing.

This goes along with the rumors that have been circulating for quite some time that Venom 3 will be released in October 2024.

The choice of location is explained by the fact that the last time we saw Eddie Brock and his alien companion was in a Mexican hotel, where they were first pulled into the MCU universe and then back into Sony's "villain" universe, so it appears that they will remain there until the next movie begins.

However, fans are not exactly thrilled with this update, as the studio is already on the verge of releasing their next movie, seemingly without acknowledging the mistakes of Venom 2 or the overall messed up state of their cinematic universe.

They say that a truly promising update would have been for Sony to fire their creative team and replace them with someone competent.

Although Tom Hardy makes a decent Eddie Brock, the first movie ended up being pretty mediocre and the sequel made things even worse.

Fans are still not over how the creators bastardized a great character like Carnage to the point of blatantly killing him off at the end and making Venom: Let There Be Carnage a completely forgettable and disappointing sequel.

And the overall state of Sony's Spider-Man universe leaves much to be desired, with the upcoming Kraven the Hunter, among other projects, having a good chance of ending up as another Morbius- like disaster.

On top of that, El Muerto, which not only focuses on a really obscure Marvel character with little to no fanbase, was first pulled from the studio's release schedule and now has lost its lead actor, Bad Bunny, which means it may be quietly canceled altogether.

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The worst part of all this is that there is no actual Spider-Man in what is literally called Sony's Spider-Man universe, which makes creating movies about the hero's adversaries extremely questionable, since much of their characters' appeal comes from their relationships with Spidey.

And let's not forget that a movie about Madame Web is also in development, which makes even less sense without Spider-Man involved.

With all of this in mind, fans remain skeptical about the future of Sony's Spider-Man universe, so all they can do is wait and see how it all plays out.

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