Voldemort's Greatest Power Actually Had Nothing to Do With Magic

Voldemort's Greatest Power Actually Had Nothing to Do With Magic
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Lord Voldemort is certainly one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter universe.

The mere thought of the Horcrux ritual in which he fragmented his own soul is terrifying.

While the rest of the wizards never did this to themselves, it was Voldemort who managed to successfully create and hide several Horcruxes in order to become immortal.

What other power do you need to prove yourself as a magician and as a person?

But take a closer look at Voldemort and you will see that it is not the magic wand or the immortality tricks that make him so powerful. It is the terror and the fear that he inflicts on the wizarding world.

It was not his magic that allowed him to build an army of followers, but the arrogance and prejudice that was so prevalent among wizards toward ordinary people. They wanted purity, and they gave themselves the right to abuse poor Muggles.

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Addressing the purebloods, Tom Riddle told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and they signed up. He did not need magic to do this, it was his charisma and eloquence that brought so many wizards into his ranks.

And once they were trapped and under his command, they would never rise up en-masse, for wizards were a somewhat faint-hearted people. With his simple magic tricks – not unimaginable in the wizarding world – he instills fear in the hearts of the wizards.

The very thought of what might happen to them if they betrayed their powerful master made them tremble with fear – even after a decade had passed since he was last seen, they still dared not call him by his name. Fear – that is the kind of power Voldemort has over the cowards.

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The Potter gang demonstrates which weapons are most effective against the archvillain. No fear.

If you are not afraid of Voldemort, if you can call him by his name, you are well armed. So Dumbledore is the most powerful because he can call Voldemort by his real name – he calls him simply Tom.

Tom is just a person, he is just a boy, a lonely but hardworking student, not some kind of evil dark wizard. Dumbledore does not believe that Voldemort exists – which is why Voldemort has no power over him. In fact, he never had a chance to kill Dumbledore, who made Snape do it.