Was Fifty Shades of Grey Dakota Johnson’s Highest Grossing Movie?

Was Fifty Shades of Grey Dakota Johnson’s Highest Grossing Movie?
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The role of Anastacia made the actress a worldwide star, but was it her most commercially successful project?

In just a few short years, Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson has become one of the most famous women in Hollywood. The talented actress has captivated viewers around the world thanks to her role as Anastasia, a shy girl who falls in love with a respectable businessman with specific addictions.

Although Dakota's filmography includes a large number of worthy projects, it was Fifty Shades of Grey that became her highest-grossing project, earning $569 million worldwide.

What's more, the Fifty Shades franchise also took second and third place on her personal top – Fifty Shades Darker grossed $381 million and Fifty Shades Freed grossed $372 million.

Aside from Fifty Shades, Dakota's highest-grossing movie was David Fincher's drama The Social Network, which grossed $224 million. Johnson played Amelia Ritter, a relatively minor role.

The movie tells the story of the creation of one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Its resounding success among users around the world forever changed the lives of Harvard University students who founded it in 2004 and within a few years became the youngest multimillionaires in the US.

An action movie based on the video game Need for Speed of the same name made a little less – $203 million.

The movie tells the story of Tobey Marshall, a brilliant auto mechanic whose only outlet is underground racing. In order to save the family garage, Tobey is forced to join forces with the wealthy and arrogant former NASCAR driver.

Dakota played Anita, who helps the protagonist carry out his plan for revenge.

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The movie was panned by viewers and critics alike, and despite the fact that cars play an important role in the movie, the racing scenes in Need for Speed were considered one of the worst in action movies.

There are also commercially successful comedies in the filmography of the actress. 21 Jump Street, a comedy about an inseparable pair of cops who go undercover and pose as high school students in order to eliminate the high school drug trade, grossed $201 million.

Dakota played Fugazy, an undercover cop assigned to a nearby school.

Upon its release, the movie became an instant hit, immediately recouping its budget. And not surprisingly, the movie was based on a teen series of the same name that ran successfully at the turn of the 80s and 90s.