Wednesday Fan's Tattoo Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons

Wednesday Fan's Tattoo Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons
Image credit: Netflix

Don't repeat their mistake.

Many people are so taken with something that they are willing to put it permanently on their skin, but this tattoo went viral for all the wrong reasons.

A tattoo to regret

A fan of Netflix 's Wednesday went above and beyond to show their love for the show by getting a tattoo of the character on their arm. However, the tattoo didn't quite turn out as planned and ended up looking like Samuel L. Jackson instead. Despite the mishap, the internet had a field day with the hilarious mistake and the tattoo quickly went viral. Many people shared the image on social media, whether they were fans of the show or not, making it one of the most epic tattoo fails of all time. It just goes to show that sometimes even the best intentions can lead to unexpected and hilarious results.

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The image racked up millions of views on Twitter alone, as users came up with all sorts of clever and hilarious ideas about how the ink turned out, with comments, GIFs and memes being shared for days.

'Welp, this was supposed to be Wednesday Addams but looks more like Samuel L Jackson as a kid… lol' one user wrote.

One user wrote, 'Not Wednesday L. Jackson,' while another said, 'When you get a pre-production tattoo of Wednesday Addams after hearing Samuel L. Jackson is being considered for the lead.'

Samuel L Jackson or Grand M?

There were individuals who had a different opinion about the resemblance of the tattoo to the 74-year-old Oscar-nominated actor. They expressed their disagreement, stating that the image looked more like the West African comedian, Grand M. One person commented, 'I still don't see how this resembles Samuel L Jackson, more of like that comedian kid,' and to support their viewpoint, went as far as sharing pictures of Grand M photoshopping the iconic Wednesday hairstyle onto the comedian's photo.

The tattoo frenzy that followed the release of the Netflix show was nothing short of extraordinary. It gained momentum weeks after the series broke a Nielsen record to become the second most-watched streaming show in history. The spin-off, starring Jenna Ortega, racked up an astonishing 6 billion minutes in its premiere week.

What to expect with season 2

To the delight of fans, Wednesday has been renewed for season 2. Although the number of episodes for the second instalment of the hit show has not been confirmed, fans can expect to see more of the female friendship between Wednesday and Enid at the heart of the storyline. The showrunners have expressed their excitement to explore this dynamic further now that Wednesday has opened herself up to the possibility of friendship. As the show continues to resonate with viewers, the team behind Wednesday are excited to see where the story will take them next season.

While we wait with baited breath, let's hope the fans express their enthusiasm in less permanent ways and spare us any more dramatic tattoo tributes!