Wednesday Love Triangle Didn't Stand a Chance Because of Wenclair

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Sometimes there's just zero chemistry no matter how many love interests you include in the story.

Netflix's new take on Wednesday Addams has Jenna Ortega's character dealing with a lot of teenage issues that are not quite typical for her: from school squabbles to romantic endeavors.

In the first season, Wednesday meets two boys that are interested in her: Tyler from a coffee ship in Jericho, and Xavier, her fellow Nevermore student.

Both seem to be enchanted by Wednesday — a feeling that she has trouble calling mutual initially, even though the final episodes have her kissing Tyler.

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However, the love triangle did not really work out for the majority of fans, who called both "self-appointed boyfriends" bland and uninteresting to watch. The majority of the fandom is shipping Wednesday with her best friend and roomie Enid, not least due to the fact that the two girls share more chemistry than both "boyfriends" combined.

"Both love interests act like Wednesday owes them her love. And they cry about it when she does not. They remind me of some guys who think that if a girl talks to them, they like them. As the viewer, it makes it hard for me to root for any of them," Redditor nikitaloss explained.

This makes the love triangle boring to watch, especially with Wednesday and Enid managing to make one hug more romantically charged than everything that happened between Ortega's character and the boys over the course of the season.

Not everyone is down to ship Wednesday and Enid as well, however. There is also a big part of the fandom that believes that Wednesday should not have had a love interest at all, as it "doesn't fit her character".

It does leave a lot of creative space for the showrunners for a potential second season, though. Netflix has not yet announced any plans regarding the renewal, but it looks like it is just a question of time, as Wednesday has already broken Stranger Things' record with more than 341 million hours viewed in its debut week.

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