What Are the Chances of 'The Sandman' Actually Being Renewed for Season 2?

What Are the Chances of 'The Sandman' Actually Being Renewed for Season 2?
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'The Sandman' became the second most popular new series, overtaking 'The Rings of Power' in the rankings and losing the victory to 'House of the Dragons'. But although the series' rating has grown so much, it is not known whether this gives at least some guarantees that the project will actually be renewed for a second season.

Some fans are optimistic and believe that 'The Sandman ' will be renewed eventually, if only because of the fact that filming 'The Sandman' is not as expensive as filming 'The Rings of Power ' or 'House of the Dragon '. Perhaps this means that Netflix will still allocate a budget for another batch of 'The Sandman' episodes.

But it's not just the question of budget for 'The Sandman'. Many viewers are sure that this series is loved much more than 'The Rings of Power' and 'The House of the Dragon', so the chances of 'The Sandman' being renewed are quite high.

"Both (in particular RoW) seem quite polarising, but for the most part long term fans and newcomers are both enjoying Sandman. HotD and RoP are much easier to sell, even if they weren't based on existing franchises they're kind of straight forward stories, whereas Sandman is less tangible and more abstract." – /PercyPops1

Viewers noted that 'The Sandman' could have taken that first place in the ranking if only Netflix would advertise it properly. Some fans started watching the series just because they stumbled upon it by chance, and not because of Netflix actually promoting it. According to fans, even the trailer shows that the series is of high quality and filmed spectacularly, so if Netflix would have hyped 'The Sandman' more, its rating could have been much higher.

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Another popular opinion is that the show will be renewed, but we shouldn't expect too many seasons as a result. Anyway for the fans it still would be better than Netflix canceling the series for good.

However, some viewers are still in doubt about 'The Sandman's future. Fans are complaining that Netflix has already cancelled some shows that enjoyed high ratings and positive reviews. Again, it's all about the budget, and unfortunately Netflix is extremely limited in it.

"The 8th show on the list, Resident Evil, was also cancelled. I was surprised. I know reception was mixed and it wasn't perfect but it was very popular and I thought for sure it was going to at least get a season 2. The Sandman appears to have performed significantly better though, I really hope that makes a difference when it comes to renewing!" – /gonezaloh

But most fans are really looking forward to Season 2 of 'The Sandman', even threatening to boycott Netflix if it didn't renew the series. For example, some are threatening to delete their account.

"Netflix would have to be seriously misguided to not renew something with this type of viewership. I'll permanently cancel my account if it's not renewed." – /nekomancer71

'The Sandman' was released on August 5, 2022. The show is an adaptation of the comic book series by Neil Gaiman.

'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal