What Grey’s Anatomy Fans Want For Arizona Robbins Now That She’s Back

What Grey’s Anatomy Fans Want For Arizona Robbins Now That She’s Back
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The anniversary season just keeps on giving.


  • Grey's Anatomy is an ABC medical procedural drama that will return for its 20th season in March 2024.
  • To celebrate the date, the show is bringing in some guest stars, including the popular Jessica Capshaw as Dr Arizona Robbins.
  • With Arizona back at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, there are only two things fans want to see: the confirmation of Arizona and a reunion with Amelia Shepherd.

Although more than half the internet continues to scream at ABC to finally end the suffering of the characters left on Grey's Anatomy and cancel the show, the network still believes it has a future and needs more seasons to explore it.

With all the original intern characters gone, including the titular Meredith Grey, season 20 promises to be very different indeed. But that doesn't mean it's all new faces. Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey, Owen Hunt, Amelia Shepherd and many more will be returning to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to continue the fight for patients' lives.

The show also has a special surprise in store for long-time fans. The two-decade anniversary season will bring back doctors Nico Kim, who has unfinished business with Levi Schmitt, and fan-favorite Arizona Robbins.

Arizona Robbins Grey’s Anatomy Season 20

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Although fans are already excited about Jessica Capshaw's comeback as Dr. Arizona Robbins, there are some things they won't accept without. After all, if the producers have managed to bring back such a beloved character, they have to do their best to make it worthwhile.

First, of course, is Calzona. Arizona Robbins' most popular pairing was with her ex-wife Callie Torres, who moved to New York with their daughter Sofia.

The two went through a nasty and messy divorce and custody battle, but reunited behind the cameras in New York after the storyline was heavily criticized.

Now that Dr. Robbins is back, people are hoping for at least a spoken confirmation of Callie and Arizona's life together as a family.

But Callie isn't the only person in Arizona's life who deserves a shout out right now. Since Amelia Shepherd, who had a very sweet on-screen friendship with Arizona and even managed to attract some shippers to this unexpected pairing, is still in the show, the reunion of these two is almost mandatory for the fans.

It is clear that the comebacks and guest star arrangements are meant by the producers as a gift to celebrate the good times that Grey's Anatomy has brought to the lives of its viewers.

Through all the drama, challenges and hardships, viewers hope to see their favorite characters thrive now.

If you are interested in seeing what else the 20th season of Grey's Anatomy has to offer, tune in to ABC on March 14th to catch the premiere episode.