What Happened to Najma in 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 5?

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The leader of the Clandestines does have a dramatic journey in this episode.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 5

The Wednesday premiere of the new 'Ms. Marvel' episode has been a tough one for Najma, the leader of the Clandestines. 'Time and Again' starts back at the time of the Partition, with Kamala finally getting to know her family story and realizing that she was actually the biggest part of it all along.

At the train station, her grand-grandmother Aisha is seen lying to Najma about the bangle for the sake of saving Sana, her daughter. Infuriated Najma accuses her of betraying the Clandestines and stabs Aisha, leaving her to die at the station. Kamala ends up saving Sana and making sure she gets to the train: it is her power that forms the miraculous "trail of stars" that helped Sana find her way.

In the present, Najma is after Kamala, desperate to lay her hands on the bangle in the hopes to get the Clandestines to their home dimension.

But it seems that the Clandestines leader has another change of heart regarding Kamala. As the young superheroine tries to convince her that the Veil between the worlds has to be closed, and Najma has to reunite with her son, the Djinn leader surrenders and sacrifices herself to close the Veil.

In the process, some sort of a cocoon forms around her, making her look like a stone skeleton. She then dies, leaving a lot of fans scratching their heads over the similarity of her death to Terrigenesis – a process that allows the Inhumans to inhale the Mists of the Terrigen Crystals and thus trigger their genes, revealing their powers. But since Najma was no Inhuman, she died.

Next week, 'Ms. Marvel' will conclude the first season with an epic finale, slated for July 13.

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