When Will 'Severance' Season 2 Premiere?

When Will 'Severance' Season 2 Premiere?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The first Apple TV+ hit is awaiting the release of its second season, but the release date is still a mystery. Here's what is known about the hotly anticipated premiere.

Created by Dan Erickson and directed by Ben Stiller, 'Severance ' instantly caught fans' attention with an unexpected premise, great character development and nail-biting suspense. The plot centers on Mark Scout (Adam Scott), a widower who decides to get rid of his pain by undergoing a severance procedure that permanently separates his working personality from his external one. From there, two Marks are born – one desperately trying to figure out why he is being forced to work in a secret underground facility, and the other nimbly spending his days waiting for each new work morning to erase his memory. Sounds crazy enough to make millions of fans desperate to see a sequel to this incredible story.

The show was picked up for a second season in early April, and all news of the production has remained a secret since then. Given the considerable cast and crew, with John Turturro and Christopher Walken on the project in addition to Stiller and Scott, it may be quite difficult to navigate their busy schedules.

So, it looks like fans shouldn't expect an update on Mark's life until next year, and given that production on the first season lasted almost six months and the show itself premiered nine months after it ended, the second season will premiere sometime around September - October 2023.