Which 'The Boys' Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Which 'The Boys' Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?
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We know they are all extremely disturbed individuals, but hey – some things you can't hide even under all that creepiness.

Aries – Homelander

While the Homelander's official date of birth is 4th of July, quite fitting for a superhero, don't let it fool you. First of all, that date is fabricated, and all we know is that Homelander was born sometime in spring, which leaves us with three options: a Gemini, a Taurus or, most likely, an Aries. Well, you know about that ill-tempered Aries character, right? Sure, Aries are passionate, extremely charming, natural-born leaders, but they are also temperamental, prone to accidental bouts of fury and can easily become unhinged – just like Homelander in every 'The Boys ' season.

Taurus – Mother's Milk

This one is super easy: Mother's Milk, being the most grounded character on the show and fiercely protective of his found family, is Taurus through and through.

Gemini – Starlight

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Being smart, quick on her feet, extremely talkative and friendly, Anny is clearly a Gemini sun. However, underneath that layer of being super extraverted person she is also very kind and super emotional, which makes us think that perhaps there's also Cancer moon involved.

Cancer – Kimiko

Maybe you wouldn't peg Kimiko as a Cancer – she's clearly not that emotional, but think about it: who else demonstrates that level of protectiveness towards their loved ones, who does everything in their power to make sure that their found family is alive and well? Right from the start we learn how much Kimiko is willing to sacrifice for her loved ones (remember her brother's story?), and isn't that the most admirable Cancer's personality trait?

Leo – Soldier Boy

One of the biggest Leo's personality traits is compassion, and, surprisingly enough, even as disturbed an individual as Soldier Boy shows some compassion in 'The Boys' season 3 (only to mess it all up again in a blink of an eye). As a true Leo, Soldier Boy is driven, charismatic, has that very particular natural leadership aura about him.

Virgo – Becca Butcher

Long time ago Becca Butcher could be a loving wife and caring mother, but, given the events of the show, first of all she's a very, very practical, pragmatic even person, which makes her an exemplary Virgo. Even in the worst of times Virgos can work out some sort of solution, ready to accept the circumstances and work with what they got – just like Becca, who makes a deal with Vought, knowing that she ended up in a completely hopeless and horrific situation and trying to make the best of it.

Libra – Maeve

Queen Maeve's arc in 'The Boys' is a classic redemption arc, and who's craving justice and balance more than Libra sun? Like a true Libra, Maeve cares about greater good, but struggles to make decisions – and this costs her greatly, ruining her life and relationships repeatedly over the course of the show.

Scorpio – Billy Butcher & Black Noir

With a penchant for unnecessary drama and a strong tendency for self-destruction, Billy certainly fits a profile of a Scorpio sun. And then there's also Black Noir, all dark and mysterious like a true Scorpio.

Sagittarius – The Deep

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Sagittarius are funny, open-minded, curious and adventurous, which makes them great friends and not so great romantic partners. The Deep's personality quite fits this pattern: he's clearly not ready to commit, he isn't emotionally available, nor he is mature. Likeable enough and charming enough, The Deep is extremely selfish and, like a true Sag, hates being constrained.

Capricorn – A-Train

A-Train's date of birth in canon is January 14, which makes him a Capricorn, and boy do A-Train fits the description of that Earth sign perfectly! He's sure of himself and, more importantly, about what he wants in this world, and all in all A-Train's quite simple: like a true Capricorn, he does whatever it takes to achieve his goal (however questionable that goal might actually be), without over-analyzing it or being overly emotional about it.

Aquarius – Victoria Neuman

She's a mystery in her own right, but one thing is clear: Victoria knows what she wants, knows how to get it, and isn't afraid to go against socially accepted norms and beliefs. Victoria's clearly capable of thinking outside the box and fighting for what she thinks is right (even if it eventually leads to some truly horrific results, once again traumatizing poor Hughie in the process).

Pisces – Hughie

He is so intelligent, so soft, and romantic, and isn't that some lucky girl's dream? Well, let's just say, never underestimate Pisces, who, while being seemingly soft, can turn out to be vicious and extremely protective of their loved ones – just like Hughie in 'The Boys'.