Who Alden Ehrenreich Might Play In 'Ironheart' Series?

Who Alden Ehrenreich Might Play In 'Ironheart' Series?
Image credit: Legion-Media

The 'Solo' actor is officially ready to appear in the Disney+ series, and fans are trying to figure out which role would be perfect for this heartthrob.

Just a half-dozen years ago it seemed that Alden Ehrenreich was determined to be the next big Hollywood actor, getting lead roles in a 'Star Wars ' spin-off and a Coen Brothers movie, but after that the actor all but disappeared off the face of the earth, appearing in only one Peacock series. But now it looks like Ehrenreich is ready for his big comeback, having signed on to star in the long-awaited MCU series about teenage genius Riri Williams. But who can Ehrenreich play?

Discussing this casting choice on Reddit, avid MCU fans expressed some interesting ideas about the actor's future in the Marvel Universe, suggesting to Ehrenreich a couple of villainous roles. Given Ironheart 's close connection to Iron Man – they both created their first armored suits from scraps – it's no surprise that fans are turning to Robert Downey Jr. 's films for inspiration, suggesting that Alden could play Obadiah Stane's son and even noting some physical appearance similarities between the young actor and Jeff Bridges.

Another interesting character for the actor would be the Hood, a supernatural villain capable of becoming invisible and jumping long distances. The spectacle of technology fighting magic is sure to be exciting, and despite rumors that the villain may be played by Anthony Ramos, fans are now convinced that Ehrenreich will look better in that role.

"I will bet money that they will never, ever make the Hood a person of color let alone a latino. He will remain a trashy dirtbag white guy like in the comics. Probably it'll be Alden and Ramos will be a Hispanic genius with a 200 IQ or something." – /tryintofly.