Who is Jake Lockley, According to 'Moon Knight' Comics?

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We didn't get to know him too well in the series, but what about the comic book canon?

Jake Lockley is a name that perhaps trended on Twitter even more often than Marc Spector or Steven Grant, despite the two being the main characters of 'Moon Knight' TV series, and the third identity only appearing at the very last moment in season one finale post-credits scene.

Lockley's presence throughout the show could be felt in several scenes when both Marc and Steven would blackout only to discover themselves in the middle of the bloodbath neither of them remembered being involved in.

But who is Jake Lockley, and is he actually as savage as fans think he is?

In the comic books, Jake Lockley is Marc's second persona, aside from Steven Grant. Lockley is a taxi driver who uses his job to gather information about street criminals and civilians that might be useful for Marc. Jake is basically responsible for Marc's detective side.

However, the comic books did not portray him as more violent than Marc and Steven – this is a detail that exists only in the TV series. This is, however, not the first time Marvel took the liberty of changing one of Moon Knight's identities, because the comic version of Steven Grant is actually a posh billionaire that Marc used to make friends with while collars. In the series, we all know and love Steven for being an awkwardly adorable guy from the gift shop who is in love with Egyptian mythology.

Lockley did not shy away from being violent in the comics, but only when needed. In the show, he is clearly portrayed as someone way more uncontrollable and brutal than both Marc and Steven: in the post-credit scene in the 'Moon Knight' finale Lockley shoots Harrow several times after Khonshu's orders and shows absolutely no remorse.

It makes sense to assume that Jake embodies the darkest sides of MCU's Moon Knight, but we're going to wait for Marvel to make up its mind about the character's future before guessing what they have in store for the third alter ego.

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