Who's Gonna Die in 'The Boys' Season 3 Finale: 3 Most Plausible Reddit Theories

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With only one episode left, fans are expecting major revelations in the upcoming season finale, and it feels like the final episode will be pretty bloody.

Amazon Prime's adult superhero show has proven once again to be the best controversial show on air with its third season, and it's more than certain that Eric Kripke and his creative team won't stop, continuing to shock viewers in future seasons. But first, the season 3 finale, which is expected to be bloody and awful to some of the beloved characters. Reddit expects episode 8 to break their hearts, so fans are already figuring out who might die next week.

Black Noir

The silent supe, known for his tendency to wear ninja-like gear and extreme durability, just got his long-awaited character development in the last episode, and fans are eagerly awaiting more details about him, fearing that he may die next week. Many believe that the season finale will feature a confrontation between Black Noir and Soldier Boy, in which one of them will surely die, and even though Noir is the outsider in this battle, he might just surprise everyone by killing off Jensen Ackles' character.

"I hope BN has a good showing and doesn't die right after getting some development. It seems like his powers are super strength and durability? Let's see what he can do with that and knives. His knives can cut his own skin, so they work on supes. BN didn't get hurt by the terrorist supe in S1 so I'm wondering if he got some extra powers since soldier boy beat him." – /quasiscythe.

Soldier Boy

'The Boys' latest major character, dubbed the first supe in history, returned in full force after decades of being held captive by the Russians, killing many humans and superheroes while trying to get at Homelander's throat. The two mega-powered superheroes will clash in the series finale, although it is not yet known whether Homelander himself will fight or leave that honor to Black Noir. Either way, Soldier Boy is probably already a goner, as Homelander surely wants him dead.

"Because two of them can’t coexist. Homelander has an obsession to be in the limelight always. Also in ep6 we saw his mirror self telling him that there is this one last piece of humanity that he has left. A desire to be loved. Also now acknowledging SB’s existence in media will make them seem like liars. So better get rid of them." – /MiddleRespond1734.

Frenchie and Kimiko

'The Boys's lovebirds have been trying to leave the action for some time, but something always keeps them from abandoning Billy Butcher and his bloodthirsty plans. Frenchy and Kimiko are clearly in love, and as all fans know perfectly well, this is not a good sign for their future. When someone tries to put their questionable past behind them, they are likely to die thanks to decades-old Hollywood omens, and fans fear that Frenchy or Kimiko may suffer the terrifying end of their relationship.

"150% going to happen. They keep talking about Frenchie and Kimiko getting out and teasing a romantic relationship. Anytime that happens you just know someone’s biting the bullet lmao." – /APG05921.

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