Who Will Be the Next Poor Soul to Try and Fill Cavill's Superman Shoes?

Who Will Be the Next Poor Soul to Try and Fill Cavill's Superman Shoes?
Image credit: globallookpress

Fans of the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) are buzzing with speculation over who will step into the iconic role of Superman, following Henry Cavill's somewhat messy departure from the role.

The DCEU has been in need of a shake-up for some time, and many are hoping that Cavill's replacement will mark a fresh start for the franchise. While some are hoping for a relatively unknown actor to take on the role and truly make it their own, others are advocating for a younger actor who could potentially stick around for the long haul.

One name that has been gaining traction among fans is David Corenswet, a relatively unknown actor. There are some guest appearances on popular shows like Elementary and House Of Cards under his belt, plus he's done some stuff on Netflix like The Politician.

Interesting fact: the actor attended the prestigious Julliard School, the same alma mater as Christopher Reeve, who many consider to be the definitive Superman.

Nicholas Hoult, known for his roles in the X-Men franchise and Mad Max: Fury Road, has also been suggested as a strong contender for the role, with some fans envisioning him as a more human or Clark Kent-centric Superman.

Euphoria star Jacob Elordi has also been thrown into the mix as a potential blockbuster choice, drawing comparisons to Robert Pattinson 's casting as Batman. There are also those who believe that it's time to consider an actor who is virtually unknown, in order to fully believe in their portrayal of the hero.

"I prefer Elordi to be honest. He's even taller which is good because it makes it improbable that Superman will end up shorter than some Aquaman or Batman. And I prefer his slight different look to the archetypal Clark Kent, the same way Christopher Reeve was also different." – u/Spice_King_of_Qarth.

And of course, there are those who are advocating for a younger actor to take on the role, with the possibility of a ten-year plan in mind. James Gunn has hinted that the upcoming Superman movie will focus on a younger Superman, leading many to believe that a fresh face will be chosen for the role.

No matter who ends up donning the red cape, fans are eager to see what direction the DCU takes with the character.

As one Reddit user put it, "It's obvious that the DCEU needed a complete upheaval, and half-hearted attempts at it over the years built up to even more of a mess. Give me as clean of a slate as possible at this point. The DC universe needs bold decisions at this point."