Why Bad Guys in Marvel's Netflix Shows Outshine the Ones on Disney Plus

Why Bad Guys in Marvel's Netflix Shows Outshine the Ones on Disney Plus
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Fans are obsessed with Netflix's Marvel villains, and it is understandable.

Marvel's recent TV shows like Secret Invasion have been disappointing, and fans are now looking back at the good old days to avoid the current gloom. A recent discussion on Reddit brought up something interesting about the old Marvel TV shows, especially the ones that came out on Netflix.

According to the majority of Marvel fans, the Netflix shows blessed us with some of the best live-action Marvel villains. Let’s find out why this opinion prevails.

First off, when you think of Marvel’s shows on Netflix, Daredevil is the first one that comes to mind. The series that ran for three seasons was brilliant for many reasons, and Kingpin, portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio, is definitely one of them.

Kingpin's traumatic childhood, where he witnessed his father's abusive behavior, shaped his motivations. He wears his father's cufflinks as a reminder that he believes he's acting for the greater good, even if it means causing pain and suffering. Kingpin in the series is not just about being evil for the sake of it.

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Another great example is Kilgrave from the first season of Jessica Jones. Kilgrave, portrayed by the talented David Tennant, with his mind-controlling powers, brought a unique sense of dread to the series.

Fans have mentioned how he evoked genuine fear, making them feel uneasy and anxious. Tennant’ Kilgrave stole every scene he was in. And every scene he was in highlighted just how menacing and powerful the character truly was.

David Tennant's portrayal of Kilgrave was so spot on that some fans felt the show lost some of its suspense after his character's exit. It's amazing how a stellar performance can make a character so memorable.

But it’s not just performance that deserves all the credit. We can’t deny Vincent D'Onofrio was absolutely incredible as Kingpin in the Netflix series, but when the actor returned to his role in Disney Plus’ Hawkeye, it didn’t quite seem like it was the same character.

The writing and directing are also crucial to create a great villain, and let’s be honest, something is wrong with writing in the MCU ’s recent TV shows. You simply can’t perceive Charlie Cox ’s Daredevil hooking up with She-Hulk after what we’ve seen in the Netflix’s series.

Do you think MCU will ruin Kingpin in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again?