Why is Twilight's Bella Such a Mary Sue? Here Are 3 Reasons That Kinda Make Sense

Why is Twilight's Bella Such a Mary Sue? Here Are 3 Reasons That Kinda Make Sense
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She's a divergent! Oh wait, that's a different movie.

If you let yourself in the world of young adult fantasy, you gotta be prepared for all these "special" teens who are so special that virtually nothing can hurt them and, of course, literally everything revolves around them.

Twilight 's Bella Swan is probably the chosen leader of those teens.

After she finds herself surrounded by immortal and overpowered vampires, Bella is immune to their powers. As soon as she gets into a love triangle between a vampire and a werewolf, both of them are ready to die for her. And even when she becomes a vampire herself, Bella is the most special vampire there could be, because of course.

Well, if the "shut up and enjoy it" strategy doesn't work for you when you try to consume media, then here are three reasons that might add some common sense into the Mary Sue essence that is Bella Swan.

1. She might be a descendant of vampires

Remember when Edward said he had trouble reading Charlie Swan's mind? While Bella's thoughts were completely blocked off for him, her father was still an open book, but Edward had to put effort in order to read it. That could have something to do with the possibility of the entire Swan family being of the vampire descent. Why not, right?

2. She had too much of Edward's venom ( no, that doesn't sound wrong)

When Edward was trying to make sure that Bella wasn't dead after giving birth to Renesmee, he literally bit her everywhere he could reach. Correct us if we're wrong, but people usually get turned into vampires after just one sexy bite in the neck.

Because someone wasn't able to chill, Bella could have received too much of vampire venom — and too much vampirical powers afterwards.

3. Preparation is key

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In Twilight, everyone was turned into a vampire out of the blue or due to an emergency. Edward was turned by Carlisle because of his disease, and Rosalie, for instance, was turned involuntarily and in order to escape death.

Unlike them, Bella made a decision herself, and had plenty of time to prepare for what awaited her after the transformation. That's why she was able to control her thirst better than anyone else right after she was turned (and not because she is super-duper special).

Does it make any sense now?

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