Why is Twitter Trying to Cancel Chris Pratt Over 'Thor 4' Trailer?

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Chris Pratt and Thor shared a pretty ambiguous scene in the trailer for 'Love and Thunder', and for some reason, it has unleashed hell on Twitter.

A week after Marvel finally released the 'Love and Thunder' trailer, it's not Chris Hemsworth or Taika Waititi who got their name trending on Twitter. No, it's Chris Pratt – for literally no particular reason.

Look like some Marvel fans on social media decided that Pratt took issue with the scene he shared with Thor – the one where God of Thunder gives him a long look after Starlord urges him to look in the eyes of people he loves.

Many people baselessly claimed that Pratt hated the scene – even though the only thing the actor actually did after the trailer premiere was sharing it on his social media and announcing "showtime".

So a bunch of social media users rose up to defend the actor, calling Marvel fans to quit trying to cancel him without a solid reason.

Fans pointed out that there is so much more about the upcoming movie to enjoy rather than fueling 'anti'-campaign against one of the actors.

The trailer scene in question particularly prompted a lot of fans to believe it was a confirmation of Starlord being bisexual in the movie – even though there has not been any official information about Peter Quill's orientation in 'Love and Thunder'. In Marvel comics, however, Starlord is officially bisexual – it was revealed in December 2020 issue No.9 of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. In MCU's Thor series of films by Taika Waititi only one superhero is officially queer as of now: Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie.

But we'll surely get to find out more on that after July 8, when the Thor sequel hits the big screens.

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