Why Rick And Morty Is Actually Better Off Without Justin Roiland

Why Rick And Morty Is Actually Better Off Without Justin Roiland
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Rick and Morty is a beloved animated series that follows the bizarre adventures of a grandfather and his grandson as they travel through time and space.

Now that its co-creator Justin Roiland is under fire from all fronts, it might seem that Rick and Morty would be even better off without him.

The show has gained a dedicated fanbase, with viewers praising the show's clever writing, humor, and unique concept. At the center of it all is one of the show's creators, Justin Roiland.

Roiland has been the driving force behind the show since its inception. He co-developed the concept and helped to write and voice the characters.

However, his behavior hasn't always been professional. Roiland has been known to show up late to meetings or not show up at all. He's also been accused of being difficult to work with and having a bad attitude.

These issues have caused problems for the show's production team. Roiland's absence or poor attitude could delay production or negatively impact the quality of the show.

In an industry where deadlines are tight and schedules are crucial, this sort of behavior can be detrimental.

Moreover, recently Justin Roiland has been accused of domestic violence, which resulted in Adult Swim and Hulu ( where the series that Roiland worked on air) cutting all ties with the man.

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The latest news has seen all charges dropped, although Adult Swim and Hulu have yet to comment on the issue. For now Roiland's shows (Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites, Koala Man) will continue on without his involvement.

Rick and Morty is already a beloved show, and it's likely that it would continue to be successful even without Roiland's involvement.

The show has a team of talented writers and animators who could continue to create compelling content. In fact, removing Roiland from the equation could even improve the show's overall quality.

Without Roiland's negative behavior and controversial content, the show could potentially attract a larger audience. Not to mention shorter hiatuses between seasons, with long pauses in production being an issue before.

Ultimately, the success of the show lies in the talent of its team, and with or without Roiland, Rick and Morty is sure to continue to entertain and delight its fans.