Wild Cards’ Vanessa Morgan Addresses Season 2 Prospects

Wild Cards’ Vanessa Morgan Addresses Season 2 Prospects
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The story is definitely not over.


  • Wild Cards is the latest addition to The CW's lineup, a procedural drama that explores the dynamic between a con artist and a demoted detective.
  • Starring Vanessa Morgan and Giacomo Gianniotti, the show has received rave reviews and ended its first season on a mysterious note.
  • Morgan is cautiously optimistic that Wild Cards will be renewed, though it hasn't been confirmed by the network.

Ever since The CW went on a cancellation spree and fans said goodbye to a number of their favorite shows, people have been skeptical about what the network's new era could bring. While the executives' plans to compete with CBS and ABC were ambitious, not many saw the potential in the idea.

As it turned out, the skepticism wasn't necessary. The talent working for the network still have a perfect sense of what television needs right now, and are simply adapting their ideas to the new type of content. A procedural drama Wild Cards was an experimental zone for the network, but it turned out to be one of the best releases of 2024.

Now viewers are hooked and can't get enough of the witty will they/won't they energy with a crime twist.

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Will There Be Wild Cards Season 2?

Combining Riverdale 's Vanessa Morgan and Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti in one show was The CW's own wild card, but it definitely paid off with all the positive reviews it has received since.

Not many viewers were excited to let go of the network's young adult superhero-esque era, but the fun and quirky procedural turned out to be the second best thing. Now that season 1 is over, all fans of the show are left with only one question: will there be a second season, or should we wave goodbye to World Cards?

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Speaking to TVLine about the satisfying season 1 finale and what Max's return means for the show in general and Ellis in particular, Vanessa Morgan mentioned that the dynamic investigative duo is ‘very likely’ returning to The CW for season 2. However, the news has not yet been made official:

“We’re still waiting for that greenlight, but I’ve heard that it’s happening. I’d love to have the official word so I can plan my life a little bit, but I’m pretty positive.” the actress said.

Looking back at the first season finale, it's safe to say that the writers kept the possibility of the show's renewal in mind. The mystery of Ellis' brother's murder may have been solved for the characters, but not for the viewers. Besides, it's hard to imagine Ellis not seeking justice now that he knows who to look for.

Either way, the first season of Wild Cards seemed to be a huge success, and The CW was fortunate to use it as its introduction to the world of new content. The rebranded network will likely have a few more shows for Wild Cards fans to enjoy, so keep an eye out for more exciting news!

Source: TVLine