Will Fast & Furious Saga Ever End? Newest Update Make Us Doubt

Will Fast & Furious Saga Ever End? Newest Update Make Us Doubt
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Were we living in a lie?

The Fast and Furious franchise is probably one of the most famous of all the star-studded, action-packed movies. Since 2001, the story of Dom Torreto's "family" has kept audiences curious about what will happen to the gang in the future.

The movies were released one after another every two or three years, but after some time, with each new installment, fans became more and more disappointed with the quality of the stories.

In 2017, in the interview with Collider, the producer of the franchise mentioned that the end of the saga will come with his film number ten. Then recently they made it clear that the X-movie is a two-parter, and so the eleventh part will definitely end everything for the franchise.

However, in his recent interview on a red carpet, Diesel hinted that there will be a trilogy instead of just two movies. So what does that mean? The Fast and Furious crew is not able to keep their promises? Every time the producers postpone the finale, it makes the fans angry because it seems like we can no longer believe what they say about the movies.

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And what's even more hilarious is the fact that the headline of the latest movie is "the end of the road begins" and it sounds even more ridiculous when you know that there are at least two movies in the making and the possibility of a female-led spin-off is also on the table. So now we are at the point when we can easily assume it is going to end… never.

“As long as it makes money, it will never end. It may have lost the race domestically, but as long as the world watches it, they will still be made. The last one did not earn enough to justify its 350 million dollar budget. If they make 11, it will be with a diminished budget,” Redditor Joseph_Furguson said.

Why Is It Bad to Continue the Saga?

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Many fans agreed that the perfect finale for the franchise would have been if they had decided to end the story after its seventh installment. Even the diehard fans of the saga noticed that after that part, the movies became much worse.

“I feel like after Paul Walker died, you know, THE main character of the franchise up until 7, it should have stopped there. They even had the perfect ending in F7, it made no sense why they continued aside from money. I get it, it's popcorn, blockbuster entertainment, it's kinda goofy at this point. But come on man, just stop the movies already,” Redditor MERKFLAMES said.

It's one thing that the movies stopped making sense plot-wise, according to fans, but what's also hard to ignore is the fact that the actors, even though they're really big stars and talented people, still can't stop themselves from... aging.

It was really cool to see young strong men fighting villains and breaking things and being racers and so on. But now we just want to see them finally be able to stop racing and live a normal life without the threat of being killed every minute of their lives.

Do you want the franchise to end?

Source: Collider