Will Gambit Appear In 'Echo'?

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It looks like the upcoming Disney+ series might boast one of the best character rosters in recent memory, as in addition to Daredevil, Kingpin and Jessica Jones, this beloved mutant may also appear in it.

The series, which will center on deaf martial artist Maya Lopez, is already expected to bring many changes to the MCU, as many famous Netflixverse characters seem determined to appear in it. But according to one recent rumor, 'Echo' could be a groundbreaking series thanks to one important feature – it's the first project in MCU history to feature a mutant. Thanks to some casting announcements shared over on Twitter, people began to believe that Marvel was developing a solo series about Gambit, but now that one prominent insider corrected that assumption, all eyes are on 'Echo'.

However, people are still not convinced that Gambit will appear in the MCU, especially in the Disney+ project. The introduction of mutants should be a big spectacle, and some major characters should be honored to be the first mutants of the MCU, not Gambit.

Regardless, people claim that the introduction of mutants is already in motion, and the MCU may finally see its first proper mutant character as soon as this year, so the possibility of Gambit appearing in 'Echo' is quite likely, after all.

"Namor's coming in Wakanda Forever. Considering he actually is the first mutant in Marvel comics, makes sense for him to be the first "official" MCU mutant. That said, Xavier's already shown up." – /GoldenSama.

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