Will Kimiko Die in 'The Boys' Season 3 Finale?

Will Kimiko Die in 'The Boys' Season 3 Finale?
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With only one more episode to go, fans are beginning to wonder if ex-supe Kimiko will survive the upcoming events and sail off into the sunset with her beloved Frenchie.

Amazon Prime's adult superhero series managed to gain even more popularity during its much-discussed third season, and aside from Soldier Boy, played by the one and only Jensen Ackles, only Kimiko managed to truly capture the attention of fans. After losing her powers in a confrontation with the Soldier Boy, Kimiko is left virtually defenseless, but her thirst for revenge has by no means diminished. Her redemption arc, combined with her emotional love story with Frenchie, was a real highlight of the entire season, and many fans fear that Eric Kripke and his creative team may deny her a chance at a good life by killing her in the season finale.

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In the original comic book series, Kimiko did die, but only in the story's finale, when she tried to prevent Billy Butcher's anti-supe bomb from exploding. Yes, in the comics Butcher went completely insane, killing many of the main characters, but since season three will not show Butcher's turn for the worse, Kimiko will probably stay alive for the foreseeable future, since her storyline is far from over at this point.

Moreover, some fans on Reddit are confident that Kimiko's powers will return in the upcoming episode, finding confirmation of this in many minor moments over the last few episodes.

"She's definitely recovering some of her powers, even if she doesn't feel it yet. Her willingness to kill, her ruthlessness, etc can be explained by her training, but she was punched repeatedly in a fairly recent gut wound, and I don't think the one goon's body would've stopped all those bullets either. She might not have perceived it in the moment, with all the adrenaline, but I definitely think she's got a low level of enhanced strength and resiliency creeping back already." – /aithne1.

But her "happily ever after" is another matter entirely, as fans are very worried that it is Frenchy who might die in the next episode, and it would really ruin Kimiko's mental health, as their relationship is only now becoming something of a true romance. The tragedy of Frenchy dying and Kimiko being unable to save him even with all her superpowers – that's what 'The Boys' fans actually fearing the most.