Will 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff Venture Into True Horror Territory?

Image credit: HBO Max

Freeform's successful teen drama with strong criminal overtones will get a spinoff centered on a different cast of characters, and it looks like the new series will change the trite formula of the original quite a bit.

'Pretty Little Liars' premiered back in 2010, and run for 7 suspense-filled seasons. The series followed the group of estranged female friends, targeted by the mysterious individual, threatening girls to expose their dirtiest secrets. Add to that a few murders, long-buried trauma, and good old-fashioned teen drama, and you have the perfect formula for a mid-2010 TV series. But it seems that HBO Max, which produced the 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' spinoff, realized that this format just wouldn't work in the current peak TV times, deciding to radically change the tone of the upcoming series.

In a conversation with Rose & Ivy, actress Chandler Kinney surprisingly revealed that the spin-off would move away from the crime tropes of the original to the horror genre.

"When I read the script, I was wowed by it; I was immediately drawn to the darker elements of it. There is this horror aspect that I think when viewers tune in, they'll hopefully be very excited to see that it has a feeling reminiscent of 90s slasher movies. I think it will have people on the edge of their seats," Keeney said.

It looks like 'Riverdale' creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is continuing his series of radical changes to well-known franchises, bringing in a combination of slapstick teen drama and horror. Although 'Original Sin' will probably have nothing in common with the Freeform series other than the title and some plot twists, fans of the showrunner are sure to be pleased with his latest creation.

The 10-episode drama received a series order from HBO Max back in 2020, and since filming wrapped in May 2022 fans will be able to binge the series this fall already.

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