Will Stiles Get Killed Off-Screen in Teen Wolf Movie?

Will Stiles Get Killed Off-Screen in Teen Wolf Movie?
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It is always a question of upping the stakes.

After the news of Jeff Davis making Teen Wolf movie first hit, fans had been speculating about who exactly was going to return for months. Imagine the disappointment when it was confirmed that the movie would have to somehow work without one of the most popular Teen Wolf characters, Stiles Stilinski. Dylan O'Brien himself had to repeatedly debunk rumors about his comeback, reiterating that it was his decision to sit this one out.

"Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there. I wish them well and I'm going to watch it the first night it comes out," the actor told Variety back in March 2022.

After it became clear that no one could change the actor's mind and Stiles would indeed not appear in Teen Wolf: The Movie, fans had another cause for concern: they feared that Stiles Stilinski would be killed off-screen.

Do these rumors have any significant justification?

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The major point of concern was Stiles' jeep featuring in the movie. O'Brien himself confirmed it, and then some BTS videos and pics from the set surfaced on the web, showing the beloved Stiles' vehicle without its rightful owner. Apparently that fact alone was enough for some fans to seriously consider the possibility of Stiles getting killed off-screen.

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Well, according to Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis, the most credible of potential sources, Dylan O'Brien's absence as Stiles (and the presence of his jeep) will be addressed in the movie. It seems that Teen Wolf creative team found a way to explain why Stiles is not joining the Beacon Hills gang in another fight against supernatural evil – without killing him off.

Talking to Collider at SDCC, Jeff said this:

"Yeah, well, what we do is we don't ignore it, but we reference it. I think we can't do the movie without paying tribute to the character Stiles. So he comes up in more than one situation."

It's not the only hint at what Stiles is going to be up to behind the scenes of Teen Wolf: The Movie coming from Davis. The producer also teased some Stydia dynamic that is going to be a part of the movie – even though we won't see Stiles on screen:

"There's a big storyline with Lydia actually, that the fans can look forward to that has to do with their relationship. So I'm not gonna say any more than that."

However used Teen Wolf fans are to dark twists and turns and character deaths, it's highly unlikely that the movie will just kill Stiles off for the sake of upping the stakes and adding some drama. After all, O'Brien himself said that he doesn't rule out his potential return in the future.

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