Will There Be 'Supernatural' Cameos in 'The Winchesters'?

Will There Be 'Supernatural' Cameos in 'The Winchesters'?
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It seems that Jensen Ackles is fully on board with the idea.

'The Winchesters ' will be a spinoff centered around John and Mary Winchester, the parents of monster hunters Sam and Dean. But it looks like the spirit of the original show will remain – quite literally.

Jensen Ackles, who is the series' executive producer and narrator, has teased that 'The Winchesters' might have a handful of 'Supernatural ' cameos when speaking about his plans on 'Supernatural Then and Now' podcast hosted by Richard Speight and Rob Benedict.

The hosts and their guests, with Jensen Ackles joined by Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played John Winchester in 'Supernatural', were all alumni of the iconic monster hunting show.

"In my mind, we all know what happened with Spider-Man recently," Ackles said, recalling the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'. "That's what I would like to see at some point: All the Johns."

'Supernatural' is no stranger to flirting with timelines and alternate dimensions. In fact, the show did it long before Marvel: in the series, there were episodes when Sam and Dean were thrown into a lot of different universes, including that of 'Scooby Doo' and even the world where their characters clashed with the real-life actors portraying them.

In 'Supernatural', John Winchester was played not only by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but also by Matt Cohen, who portrayed the younger version of Sam and Dean's father. In 'The Winchesters', however, the role is reprised by Drake Rodger.

However, since Ackles is no writer for the show, the only thing he could do is "plant that seed".

"We'll see what happens," he teased.

While Ackles seems to be a fan of the idea of "all Johns" meeting up, fans have some other ideas that might be particularly interesting to one of the podcast hosts, Rob Benedict, who played Chuck a.k.a. God in 'Supernatural'.

"Chuck is returning in The Winchesters even if it's the slightest cameos at the very end of the season, this is THE way to make it make sense with SPN series GIVE ME MY MAN CHUCK BACK PLEASE." – @AnjaWritingsx.

Other fans also don't seem to share Ackles' enthusiasm about several versions of John sharing a frame.

"So Sam is "tricky" but two other versions of John isn't? And he says he's got canon covered." – @Darkfireunicorn.

But some people are in with a "Spider-Man" moment in 'The Winchesters', even though many are requesting Jared Padalecki 's Sam to also make an appearance somehow.

'The Winchesters' is hitting The CW on October 11.