Will Wednesday Season 2 Make Up For Ridiculous Missed Casting Opportunity?

Will Wednesday Season 2 Make Up For Ridiculous Missed Casting Opportunity?
Image credit: Netflix

Hardly anyone can say that things didn't work out great for Wednesday, but the chance is still there.

We have all enjoyed Christina Ricci as Wednesday 's normie teacher in Nevermore academy, Marilyn Thornhill. However, it turns out that the role could have gone to another iconic actress, Hocus Pocus star Thora Birch. But there is still a chance for Wednesday season 2 to make up for this huge missed casting opportunity.

Don't get us wrong, Christina Ricci's appearance as Mrs. Thornhill was a highlight of season 1 — not only because of her compelling performance but also due to the fact that she also portrayed Wednesday in the iconic 90s movies. However, many fans believe that Birch also needs to be a part of the 2022 Netflix adaptation of Wednesday's story — and, believe it or not, there might be a way.

Now that Nevermore academy has lost two prominent teaching figures, with Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie ) dead, and Mrs. Thornhill on a run, there is not one but two vacant places in the school. If Wednesday is to be greenlit for season 2, it will need a teaching figure charismatic enough to fill the spot.

So why not hire Birch back, provided that she has a scheduling opportunity to eventually become part of the Wednesday universe? It does not necessarily mean that we will have to say goodbye to Ricci's character.

Birch dropped out of the first season due to personal reasons, leaving fans disappointed that she couldn't make it. No matter how much they enjoyed Ricci's performance, they remain confident that Birch could have nailed the role too.

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Still, her participation in the second season of Wednesday (just like the sequel itself) has not yet been confirmed or even teased by the showrunners. While Birch's appearance remains a fan dream as of now, season 2 is more than likely given that Wednesday has ascended to Netflix's top as the second most-watched series ever. The only show it ranks behind is Stranger Things.

However, Netflix has not yet officially greenlit Wednesday for season 2.