Wolf of Wall Street Actress Was So Enthusiastic About Sex Scene With DiCaprio She Had to Be Replaced

Wolf of Wall Street Actress Was So Enthusiastic About Sex Scene With DiCaprio She Had to Be Replaced
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One of Leonardo Dicaprio’s co-stars was way too excited to film their intimate scene, and her inappropriate behavior led to her removal from the scene altogether.

Leonardo Dicaprio ’s international popularity started when he was but a young boy, and the actor hasn’t been out from under the spotlight ever since: for decades, he’s been one of the world’s most famous celebrities. Over the years, the sweet boy Leo was in Titanic grew up into one of the most versatile performers of this generation.

At this point, Dicaprio has seemingly done it all, and the track record proves it. From sinking to the bottom of the sea and killing himself for love to being on the run from the FBI and sleeping in a large predator’s carcass, we saw the actor do everything. But today, we’ll talk about the time he led a corrupt life as a wealthy stockbroker.

Martin Scorsese ’s Wolf of Wall Street was a phenomenal movie; dirty, but phenomenal. Apart from Leonardo Dicaprio himself, it featured Margot Robbie in her first leading role which launched her into international stardom, but she was not the only on-screen partner of Dicaprio’s character…though surely, the most professional.

One of the escort actresses for the airplane party scene, Maria Di Angelis, told New York Post that her colleagues were not easy to work with. They were jealous of each other’s success, and some of them were clearly too excited about the chance to shoot an intimate scene with Leonardo Dicaprio, treating it as more than just a film.

“One thing that stands out in my memory is a girl who was faking sex with Leonardo DiCaprio. <...> This girl was completely naked, sitting astride him, while he was wearing a suit. She was very — how can I say? — enthusiastic. It wasn’t acting,” Maria shared.

Admittedly, the filming crew tried to calm the overly ambitious actress down but to no avail. Then, they did the next best thing: they simply removed her from the scene, moving her to the background and freeing Dicaprio from her questionable attention.

“They had to keep telling her: ‘You can’t just, like, hump him.’ [But still,] she was all over him. So they said: ‘You’re here because you’re foreground. We’re just going to move you back a little,’” Di Angelis explained.

Well, that was one way to royally mess up your chance to co-star with Leonardo Dicaprio… In the end, the “enthusiastic” actress achieved the exact opposite of what she wanted: there was no spotlight for her, at all. But at least, she gave it a shot.

Even though it was a terrible shot.

Source: New York Post