X-Men Director Revealed the MCU's Biggest Mistake, Urged Kevin Feige to Fix It

X-Men Director Revealed the MCU's Biggest Mistake, Urged Kevin Feige to Fix It
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Matthew Vaughn went on a brutally honest crusade against modern superhero movies and pointed out the only feasible way to make them believable again.

The talks about superhero fatigue and the general exhaustion of the genre have been circulating for the past few years now, and as the undoubtedly biggest player in this field, Marvel is always at the center of such discussions. However, it’s not just the studio’s status: its recent decisions, too, added quite a lot to the problem.

In the past years, the MCU dramatically increased its content output — and at the same time, most fans noticed a significant decrease in the quality of said content. With new TV shows and movies dropping every other Tuesday, the situation became the polar opposite of the golden rule that dictates that quality must be over quantity.

This insane content output largely contributed to the already forming superhero fatigue and today, the superhero scene looks rather hopeless. Marvel’s recent projects severely underperformed — and don’t even get us started on the horrifying state of DC’s latest installments. Things are generally looking rather bleak.

When speaking to Screen Rant, Matthew Vaughn, the director of X-Men First Class revealed the main difficulties of creating a believable superhero movie.

“When you're making a superhero movie, you sort of have to work harder because you've got to make people believe it. <...> I think CGI's f*cked up everything as well because you feel like you're watching a video game. You're not with the characters,” Vaughn explained.

The director also gave advice to both Kevin Feige, the big Marvel boss, and James Gunn and Peter Safran, DC’s new co-heads. In his opinion, there is only one way out of the current crisis.

“I think at least DC is under; I think James Gunn and Saffran, they've got a good chance of popping, and hopefully, Feige will go back to ‘less is more’ and make less films and concentrate on making them great,” the director shared.

This undeniably sounds like solid advice. Superhero fatigue demands a decrease in content quantity — and to stay afloat, the major franchises need to make the movies they do release outstanding. They really, really can’t just keep slapping cameos and multiverses on the holes in the drowning ship and hope to keep it going with that.

Source: Screen Rant