Yellowjackets Dangerously Close to Repeating Grave Mistake That Ruined Lost

Yellowjackets Dangerously Close to Repeating Grave Mistake That Ruined Lost
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

The originality of the show is becoming more and more threatened with each new episode.

Released at the end of 2021, Yellowjackets did not become an instant hit. The show's fame grew (and still grows) gradually.

At first, no one believed in another series about teenagers forced to survive in a closed society. Nothing suggested that Yellowjackets would become a hit even with Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci on the cast list.

The Showtime series about the survival of teenage girls in the Canadian mountains owes its popularity in no small part to Lost-style mystery.

Fans united and went to the forums to piece together the puzzle and form theories what had caused the show's popularity to skyrocket.

However, while it is extremely fascinating to construct and dismantle theories relating to the supernatural aspects of the series, the likelihood of the Yellowjackets storyline actually going the way of Lost and getting bogged down in the spirits and gods of the forest and other creatures puts the entire uniqueness of the series at serious risk.

The show works well as both a thriller and a horror, and raises an interesting and even provocative question: what if the victims of terrible events do not come back quite the same as before?

What if the events they have lived through have changed them so much that, years later, it is not for them but for those around them that we should be afraid?

All these questions take us into the psychological aspect, telling a story about what strange things the human brain and psyche are capable of under deadly conditions.

Over the course of the first season and the early episodes of the second, almost all of the survivors seem to have experienced some sort of supposedly supernatural event.

Only Lottie, whose visions are suspiciously coming true, and Taissa, with her mysterious eyeless man, are worth anything.

But as the series still picks up speed, all of this can be explained by quite material things and psychological tricks.

It's the psychological tension that separates Yellowjackets from so many other faceless survival shows.

And while the emphasis on the supernatural becomes more pronounced with each episode, it is to be hoped that the supernatural does not become the mainstay of the series.