You Need To Watch It Twice: Chris Pratt Shakes Off The Super Mario Bros. Controversy

You Need To Watch It Twice: Chris Pratt Shakes Off The Super Mario Bros. Controversy
Image credit: Legion-Media

Chris Pratt has been heavily criticized for voicing Mario in the upcoming game-based animated film The Super Mario Bros.

The point of criticism is that Pratt's accent for the role might be perceived as offensive considering the actor's non-Italian background.

Now, the Guardians of the Galaxy star has finally weighed in on the backlash.

When the first English trailer for the new Super Mario Bros. movie hit the Internet, a controversy ensued immediately. This was due to the voice of Chris Pratt, who voices Mario in the English version.

Compared to the videogame original, the Guardians of the Galaxy star's Mario sounds pretty much… Chris Pratt-sh — perhaps way too much.

In a recent interview with ExtraTv, Pratt has weighed in on the criticism of his Mario voice.

Pratt said that Super Mario fans should watch the new animated film in its entirety before forming a negative opinion to form his vocal performance.

Several sightings are probably even necessary to pay the movie its dues. In the interview, Pratt takes the side of the fans and promises that the upcoming animated film will honor the beloved Super Mario template.

All in all, Pratt was pretty blunt when it came to the accusations: "Go watch the movie and then we can talk. I really think that once you see the movie, and in all honesty, I think you probably need to watch it twice."

However, the actor seems to fully understand why this backlash occurred.

He admits the franchise has "a passionate fan base", and no one wants it ruined "as a cash grab with the movie."

Pratt speaks very profoundly about the upcoming movie and says it "honors the video game" and "the world of Mario."

The highly anticipated movie is coming shortly and fans will be finally able to pick a side and decide whether Chris Pratt's voicing of Mario is up their alley or not.

But perhaps they will indeed have to watch it twice.For the moment there is no evidence that any other actor who voices Mario for non-English speaking markets has gained similar controversy.

The Super Mario Bros. will hit theaters on April 5th, 2023.