Zero Chemistry: 14 Least Convincing Couples in Film History

Zero Chemistry: 14 Least Convincing Couples in Film History
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

We love some good romance in the movies, but sometimes either the characters don't work well together, or the actors fail at selling their portrayal of undying love to us, and we encounter couples that feel absolutely fake.

They lack the believability, the chemistry.

A lot of things can be at fault when we see a badly portrayed romance on screen. It can be the case of bad writing: there was no proper build-up, the interactions seem too forced, and the lines that the actors say lack any emotion behind them because the writers didn't put them there.

Their actions lack purpose and spark and feel like they were put here only because the writer decided they wanted to see these specific actors act out this specific thing and satisfy their own craving. All the couples in that list were made out of quite prolific and well-known actors who gained their popularity because they're good at what they do — yet in these specific cases they failed to deliver a believable portrayal of love.

Even those who had relationships in real life at the time of the filming couldn't bring that to our screens, draining the love out of the movie.