Zoe Terakes Joins 'Ironheart' Cast — And Immediately Sparks Debates

Image credit: Netflix

Marvel execs seem to be listening carefully to the calls for them to "do better" when it comes to diverse casting.

Actor Zoe Terakes has joined the cast of Marvel's 'Ironheart' in the most recent development of the solo series focused on Tony Stark's heir apparent, Riri Williams.

The transgender and non-binairy actor is set to play a "key role", even though the studio did not disclose any additional details as to what that role might actually encompass. Terakes celebrated the announcement on their Twitter, noting that they are "unbelievably stoked" and dedicating the role to fellow trans and non-binary folks.

Terakes' casting has immediately caused backlash among those who take issue with "woke" tendencies in Marvel's most recent projects. Some people wondered why the gender identity of the actor had to be specified.

Others, however, welcomed Terakes to the MCU family, already excited to watch them on screen. Previously, the actor took part in 'Nine Perfect Strangers' and 'Wentworth'. Terakes follows the footsteps of Zack Barack, who up to this point was the only openly transgender actor in the MCU.

Terakes joins the 'Ironheart' team after the show announced earlier this year that it is casting an actor to portray a "Black, Latina or Afro-Latina transgender character" described as "smart, confident and with a mystical bent and unique sense of humor."

'Ironheart', a solo series dedicated to Riri Williams – a young prodigy capable of building suits of armor like Tony Stark did – will hit Disney Plus in 2023.

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