Two Reasons Why Scarlet Witch Solo Movie Simply Won't Work
No matter how badly some fans want Wanda Maximoff to secure her own movie, there are things that do not quite work when it comes to it.
3 Signs That Prove Albus Dumbledore Might Have Been a Time Traveler
Mysterious thing, time... powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.
Here's How Deadpool 3 Can Pull Off That Wolverine Comeback after Logan
With the guy who killed the Marvel Universe at least twice everything is possible, but still.
Fans Are Confident Wesley Snipes Will Join MCU as Blade After Hugh Jackman Comeback
With Jackman and Stewart already appearing in the MCU, there is just one person left.
Now That Jackman's Back as Wolverine, Is Patrick Stewart's Deadpool 3 Cameo on the Cards Too?
With all these comebacks going on, it almost looks like a pattern.
The Bittersweet Way Dylan O'Brien Is Involved in Teen Wolf Movie
Don't get your hopes up, Stiles Stilinski is not in the movie – but at least there's something reminding us about him, cause there's absolutely no way you can make a Teen Wolf movie and leave Stiles out of it completely.
Michael Bay Should Have Stopped at 3 With Transformers
When it comes to Michael Bay films, there's no such thing as too many explosions. But in some cases, it seems there are too many films.
How to Watch Marvel Movies in Chronological Order in 2022 Ahead of Black Panther 2 Release
Timelines in comic books were always tricky. 
The Worst Harry Potter Director, According to Reddit
Reddit is known for its large number of different communities. Users from all over the world gather daily in various subreddits to share their experiences, opinions, and knowledge. Of course, r/harrypotter is one of the busiest on the site and the debate about who is the worst director of the franchise, which has been going on for years, is still raging. 
Which Comic is Ryan Reynolds Reading in Wolverine Announcement?
Oh to look for Easter eggs in a video teaser! 
Internet Crush of the Day
Chris Pine From: Don't Worry Darling

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