Teen Wolf's Arden Cho Breaks Silence on Declining Revival Movie
The Teen Wolf revival movie, released on Paramount+ on January 26, doesn't appear to be very successful. 
Brendan Fraser Showing Up to The Mummy Screening Is The Most Wholesome Thing You'll See This Week
Brendan Fraser always does his best to please the fans. Sometimes even when off the set. 
AI Imagines Star Wars Characters as Cats; Chewie is Officially The Cutest
Although some villains look way too squishy to be evil.
Toy Story Fan Theory Finally Answers The Question We All Tried to Avoid
You never want to think about these Pixar movies too much, or it gets either creepy or heartbreaking.
Why Was Tony Stark So Mean to His Robot Aides? Here's a Good Reason
It's not called being mean. It's called "machine learning."
Teen Wolf Movie Misses the Mark (Repeatedly): Malia Deserved Much Better
Seriously, is there any character that Jeff Davis didn't waste in the new movie?
Rupert Grint Would Return To Harry Potter – On One Condition
Rupert Grint's reaction to the proposed Harry Potter revival is heartwarming and very much in keeping with his iconic character.
Eddie Murphy Star Trek Casting That (Thankfully?) Didn't Happen
And yes, there really were plans to cast Eddie Murphy for Star Trek. 
Revenge of the Sith Almost Brought Back a Surprise Star Wars Villain
Darth Maul's resurrection which happened in The Clone Wars CG series, and was followed by his appearances in other Star Wars media of the Disney era (including the Solo movie) is one of the more infamous recent cases of undoing a villain's death not only in Star Wars but anywhere in media. 
May the Snooze be with You: Fans Vote on the Lamest Star Wars Line
While a lot of lines from Star Wars, even those which sound completely banal out of context, became popular enough to turn into memes, there is no denying that over the course of three trilogies Star Wars also had plenty of cringy dialogue. 
Internet Crush of the Day
Henry Cavill From: post-DCU

Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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