6 Unquestionably Great Movies Nobody Wants to Rewatch
Some movies are good, some are great, and some are pure Oscars material; nevertheless, not every Oscar-worthy movie warrants a rewatch: more often than not great, smart and complex dramas have zero rewatchability to casual viewers.
Rumored Batman 2 Villain is So Boring, Literally Anyone Would Be a Better Pick
No matter who you believed to be the bad guy in the Batman sequel, your choice was probably better.
Insane Ron Weasley Fan Theory That Actually Makes Perfect Sense
Bet this was the last thing you could ever suggest about Harry Potter's best friend, but here we are.
Casting Robert Pattinson Was, In Fact, Twilight's Biggest Mistake
Sometimes, you have haters even if you are an ultimate 2010s crush.
Marvel Might Bring Back an Iconic Villain, But Nobody's Happy About It
A comeback that literally no one asked for.
Zoe Saldaña Finally Saw Avatar 2 and Has a Lot to Say About It
The actress went through a lot on set, so watching the sequel was rewarding in and of itself.
Original Super Mario Actor Breaks Silence on Chris Pratt In The Role
Fans of Super Mario which is set to hit the big screen in 2023 have been unhappy for quite some time now. They were really disappointed that Chris Pratt would be the voice of the iconic plumber. As soon as the movie teaser saw the light of day, Super Mario fans went into a complete frenzy.
John Carpenter Has Some Choice Words About Halloween Remakes
Remakes, spinoffs, prequels and sequels – this is what the movie industry seems to be all about these days. 
Twilight: Can Jacob and Renesmee Actually Have Kids?
Let's talk about this. Or, you know, let's not.
One Maverick Scene Navy Pilot Flying Tom Cruise Said He'd Never Do Again
When a professional Navy pilot tells you he'll never do a scene again, it can only mean one thing – the scene is outrageously dangerous, even by his standards. 
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