'The Imperfects' First Trailer is Out & Fans Believe It Can Be Netflix' Next Breakout Hit

'The Imperfects' First Trailer is Out & Fans Believe It Can Be Netflix' Next Breakout Hit
Image credit: Netflix

As Netflix searches for big franchises, one might already be here.

Netflix has dropped a trailer for its brand new show on Thursday, titled 'The Imperfects'. The story follows three people who experience side effects after being experimented on. And these side effects turn them into supernatural beings: a banshee, a succubus, and a сhupacabra.

The show is set to have 10 episodes, and it is a Netflix original – a notable thing in the current world of adaptations. With the platform actively looking for its own 'Harry Potter ' and 'Star Wars ', many people think that 'The Imperfects' might have just the potential Netflix is searching for.

However, there is a certain danger for the show as well, fans believe.

"Has the potential to be one of Netflix new break out series but also has the potential to be canceled after one season if it don't get the intended viewership," one person said in the YouTube comment section for the trailer.

Some people got "Teen Wolf vibes", noting that it is not a bad thing and there are few such shows today. Others expressed hope that the show will land several seasons – which is unlikely as of now, especially in the light of Netflix's tendency to cancel many shows after season 1 unless they show truly impressive figures.

"Looks good, but I don't want to get hooked, just for Netflix to cancel it. I'm still not over Archive 81, The Society, and The Irregulars being cancelled after one season!" another fan added in the comments.

As of now, 'The Imperfects' has a chance. It premieres on Netflix next week, on September 8.