10 Child Actors Who Went On to Become Hollywood's Biggest Stars

10 Child Actors Who Went On to Become Hollywood's Biggest Stars
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's a common misconception that child actors experience the best times of their careers during their formative years, getting fewer and fewer roles as the years go by. And while this may be true for some child actors, the vast majority of them are not only still working hard, but making a lot of money doing it.

Here are 10 child actors who are still dominating the big screen in 2024:

We bet that after reading this list, you'll be sure that it's impossible to become an A-list talent without working as a child actor! All jokes aside, it's really quite surprising that most of the famous actors working in Hollywood today also acted as teenagers. And not just acting, but enjoying leading roles and being praised by fans and critics alike.

Perhaps the likes of DiCaprio, Bale, Foste, Portman and Gosling got so used to the constant praise and attention from fans during their childhood that they forced themselves to perform at the highest level as adults in order not to lose their iconic status.

It's weird to think how different movies would be today if casting directors hadn't discovered the aforementioned actors when they were kids, isn't it?