10 Made-for-TV Movies of the 90s That Are Secretly Masterpieces

10 Made-for-TV Movies of the 90s That Are Secretly Masterpieces
Image credit: Legion-Media

While both fans and critics are used to hating on TV movies, calling them projects that don't have the quality to be released in theaters, the phenomenon of movies made specifically for television is actually quite interesting.

The thing is, network companies have always been more willing to experiment than the big Hollywood studios, getting a lot of directors and actors to agree to work with them on TV movies, resulting in a bunch of great but criminally underseen films.

Here are 10 of the best made-for-TV movies of the '90s:

With the current rise of indie companies like A24, even the most unique and original projects can have a shot at a big screen premiere, which practically negates the whole purpose of TV movies, resulting in a huge drop in quality in the genre over the last five years or so.

But at least we still have the 90's! That divisive decade was the best time for TV movies, as many prominent actors were not averse to spending some time working on smaller projects, especially if they liked the script.

That's why so many of the films mentioned above star such big names as Glenn Close, Christopher Walken and Patrick Stewart.

Put aside your prejudices against TV movies and give them a chance!