10 Memes That Sum Up 'House of the Dragon' Episode 5 Perfectly

10 Memes That Sum Up 'House of the Dragon' Episode 5 Perfectly
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What is the best part of any show? The plot, the characters, or a cliffhanger? No. Today, it's all about post-episode memes.

'House of the Dragon ' rarely disappoints when it comes to meme material after every episode, but the fifth chapter, 'We Light the Way', was just perfect when it came to post-episode memes and jokes.

Stuffed with different events, from cringe-worthy to gruesome, the episode inspired a wave of social media quips, and we can't wait to share our favorites with you.

Let's start from the beginning and pay our respects to Lady Rhea Royce — Daemon Targaryen's legitimate wife, who we first saw in the first seconds of episode 5... and immediately had to bid adieu to.

It was Daemon who was behind Rhea's murder, but the rogue prince has spent the entire episode pretending he has absolutely nothing to do with it. Naturally, fans were quick to draw parallels with Loki 's iconic quip from the eponymous Marvel show…

…or even to compare him to one of the former US presidents.

And the way Daemon enters the throne room after being exiled? That is already a new Westerosi tradition.

Naturally, he does not finish (right, Rhea?) with just entering the room. No, Daemon Targaryen is always here to create an environment so toxic... yeah, we know, you just hear Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester now.

In fact, if you have troubles following all the problems Daemon continues to cause, there is a bingo to help you.

What can King Viserys do aside from just dealing with it?

After all, he just wanted to finish his "lego Westeros", that's all.

In episode 5, the king looks exceptionally bad due to the disease that has his body slowly decaying. And fans do have a cold joke about how he is going to look in the next episode (if he survives long enough to appear in it). 'Lord of the Rings' fans, are you there?

But Daemon, Rhaenyra, and King Viserys were not the only stars of the episode. How can we leave House Velaryon without a meme nod?

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