10 Mind-Bending Plot Twists That Deserved Better Movies

10 Mind-Bending Plot Twists That Deserved Better Movies
Image credit: ARC Entertainment

Everyone loves a good twist. The feeling of rethinking the whole movie after seeing the finale, noticing new details and slightly predicting things to come, is truly priceless, and we always praise the writers who manage to make the twists feel natural, not corny.

That said, not every great twist equals a great movie, and the 10 subpar movies mentioned above prove that notion perfectly.

Major spoilers ahead!

Yes, all of the final twists in the above movies were expertly crafted, and each of them managed to enhance the quality of the movie, but it still wasn't enough to make the movies themselves great.

The worst thing a twist can do is overshadow the movie itself, and all 10 movies on this list are best remembered for their final revelations, not for great acting, writing, and directing. The twist must serve the story of the movie, not try to steal the spotlight for itself.

Unfortunately, the screenwriters of these films failed in this regard, coming up with great twists but failing to weave them into the fabric of the movie, which ultimately made the final products quite inferior in quality.

However, if you're in the mood for a movie that'll have you holding your breath as the credits roll, you can't do better than the ones on this list!

Here's the list of all the movies mentioned here: Repo Men (2010), Last Christmas (2019), Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), The Boy (2016), Life (2017), Dead End (2003), Orphan (2009), The Ward (2010), The Village (2004), April Fool's Day (1986).