12 Hunger Games Clues Katniss & Peeta Were Always the Endgame

12 Hunger Games Clues Katniss & Peeta Were Always the Endgame
Image credit: Lionsgate

When The Hunger Games ended in 2015, the entire fandom was split down the middle, with some praising the writers for making Katniss and Peeta an endgame couple and others hating them for making that decision.

And while the arguments about Katniss and Peeta's happily ever after are still going strong after a decade, it looks like the people who were rooting for the couple were right!

Here are 12 clues that Katniss and Peeta were meant to be together:

Obviously, the above clues won't convince the most vicious haters of the couple that they were meant to be together all along, but basic Hollywood psychology definitely proves it.

Remember, Katniss had only one real supporter in her life who was always by her side and willing to settle down with her, and that person was Peeta. While Gale seemed like a more exciting option, he was too frivolous and travel-hungry to spend the rest of his life with Katniss in peace, as she always wanted.

In the end, Katniss chose Peeta, and even though she probably didn't love him as passionately as she loved Gale, it was still the right choice.

Everthorne fans, get over it! Nothing can be done, and you have to come to terms with the idea that Katniss chose Peeta, not Gale.