$160M Blockbuster That Blew Up Theaters in 2014 Finally Coming to Netflix

$160M Blockbuster That Blew Up Theaters in 2014 Finally Coming to Netflix
Image credit: Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures

Make sure you have your subscription ready.


  • Godzilla ( 2014) is an American monster movie directed by Gareth Edwards.
  • Produced on a budget of $160M, the film was a critical and commercial success, grossing $529M worldwide.
  • Godzilla will be available on Netflix on March 1, 2024.

To keep viewers' attention, streaming platforms have begun to rotate content, constantly adding new movies and TV series available by subscription as others fall off rotation. Netflix updates its content on a monthly basis, adding not only original TV shows and movies it produces, but also iconic hits from years past.

If you were thinking of canceling your Netflix subscription in March, think again because you could be missing out on a lot of interesting productions. Films like Think Like a Man Too, Wanderlust and Bodies Bodies Bodies, as well as Guy Ritchie 's The Gentlemen series will be available on Netflix in March.

Godzilla can be considered one of the most interesting online premieres in March for all fans of the sci-fi genre. The 2014 film will be available on the platform from the beginning of the month.

Where to Watch Godzilla (2014)

As a monster, Godzilla originated in Japan in 1954, making it one of the longest-running film franchises. It now consists of 38 films, with 33 Japanese productions and 5 American ones, starting in 2014 with Gareth Edwards' feature film.

What ended up being the first of many films to be released in 2014 began a full decade earlier and was instead planned as an IMAX short film. Halfway through, in 2009, the idea was transferred from IMAX to Legendary to be redeveloped into a full-length feature.

Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen, Godzilla tells the story of U.S. Navy EOD officer Ford, who tries to protect his family from a crossfire between Godzilla and two monsters known as MUTOs that are wreaking havoc on many people.

The film is packed with action scenes and special effects, but it would be just as entertaining on your home television as it was in theaters a decade ago.

Godzilla was a commercial and critical success, with a 76% score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics agreed that the film's visuals exceeded all expectations, although it could have used more screen time and more Godzilla appearances.

If you're interested in revisiting the Godzilla franchise, make sure your Netflix subscription is up and running, and stream the movie starting March 1, 2024.