25 Must-See Movies from the 2000s That Still Hold Up in 2024

25 Must-See Movies from the 2000s That Still Hold Up in 2024
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Both critics and fans like to claim that the golden age of movies is long gone, citing either the 1970s or 1980s as the best time for movies in general. Needless to say, such a past-oriented view is quite limiting, as a whole bunch of excellent movies are released every year, and arguing that one decade is much better than another is simply meaningless.

Take the 2000s for example. A lot of people think it was a decade of stupid comedies, but in reality, it was a launching pad for some of the most creative indie directors working today.

Here are 25 great movies from the 2000s:

As you may have noticed, there are no two similar movies on this list, and that's by design. We tried to highlight a lot of different genres and movements, which meant that it was impossible to put the same kind of movies back to back.

There are Oscar-winning dramas and indie darlings on this list, and the only thing they have in common is their exceptional quality. The 2000s was an exceptional decade for big-budget blockbusters and small-scale comedies, as Hollywood was still trying to produce something of lasting value rather than just chasing money and trends.

If you want to get a definitive look at the decade, then watching all the movies mentioned above will surely help you feel like you are living in the 2000's all over again!