3 Comic Book Panels 'The Sandman' Adapted Just Right

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Netflix's adaptation seems to be surprisingly respectful to the source material.

Since 'The Sandman' premiere on August 5, comic book fans have been hailing the show as perhaps Netflix's best take on comic adaptations. While some may argue about whether or not the creators managed to grasp the vibe, the show certainly seems to carefully follow the storylines of the first two arcs.

Some of the scenes in 'The Sandman' seem to even be taken straight from the comic book panels and turned into television – something that fans seem to celebrate as a perfect example of a successful adaptation. Let's look at some of those.

'Thank You, John Dee'

John Dee, the son of Roderick Burgess – a British aristocrat who kidnapped Morpheus – comes in possession of Dream's ruby and does not seem willing to just give it back. In episode 5, '24/7', John is encountered by Dream who tries to prevent him from doing more harm to people than he has already done by killing several people whom he terrorized with the ruby. However, John prefers to destroy the ruby instead of giving it back to Morpheus, thinking that it would defeat the latter. That doesn't work: Dream reveals that destroying the ruby in fact released the power stored in it. John Dee is seen on Dream's hand, helpless and powerless.

The scene is taken straight from the comic book, and although the adaptation certainly differs in visual style, it's always nice to see a scene transferred from the source to the screen.

Meeting Lucifer

When Dream embarks on a journey to Hell to retrieve his helmet, his first encounter with Lucifer is pictured on screen in a way very similar to how it was described in the comics. The ruler of Hell wonders whether Morpheus came to "ally" his kingdom with Hell, but Dream reaffirms his "views on that" to Lightbringer.

We meet Lucifer as an androgynous and sinister entity, sporting a white outfit with pitch black wings – the very same look Gwendoline Christie embodied on screen. The conversation flows just in the way the comic book puts it.

Besides, Hell itself also looks very similar to what we saw in the comics: a gothic dark castle of Lucifer towers above the gloomy realm of the tortured and sinful.

'I Was Just Feeding the Birds'

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes from the comics drove old-school Sandman fans ecstatic when a sneak peek of it was revealed in the trailer. Yes, we're talking about the legendary bird feeding scenes, when Death tries to drag Morpheus out of melancholy and lectures him on the meaning of life.

Not only is the dialogue almost 100% intact compared to what is written in the graphic novel, but also the iconic family moves of stopping a ball from flying into one's head are both there.

Naturally, Death also throws a baguette at Dream to make him snap out of his depressive thoughts. With the scene carefully recreated in the Netflix show, OG Sandman fans could not possibly be happier.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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