3 Major Character Problems Mandalorian S4 Has to Fix ASAP

3 Major Character Problems Mandalorian S4 Has to Fix ASAP
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The third season of The Mandalorian saw a slight dip in quality and raised some issues that S4 needs to address as soon as possible before the show loses its way.

3. New Antagonist Must Be Introduced

Let's address the elephant in the room right off the bat, shall we? Moff Gideon is dead, and the show now lacks a proper antagonist. It's not an issue now, while we're in this between-the-seasons state, but as soon as S4 starts, we need to see a new compelling villain — the lack of conflict is a cruel factor that can axe down the show.

Seeing that Mando is set on hunting down the Imperial remnants, the new villain can emerge from them; or this quest might take Din to confront the Shadow Council or Grand Admiral Thrawn. Either way, we need a new Big Bad for Mando to face in S4.

2. Grogu Must Find His Way

Season 3 severely underperformed in terms of Mando-Grogu relationship, and it was one of the things that led millions of fans to fall in love with the show in the first place. Apart from the last two episodes, we didn't get almost any interaction between the duo at all, and this shameful lack of cuteness and love on the screen must be fixed.

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Apart from his arc with Din, there's another thing about Grogu that bothers us: what will his role in the story be going forward? Once again, Moff Gideon is out of the picture, and for Grogu, this means finding another role and another plot purpose.

Mando Must Return

The show is called The Mandalorian, and we, the audience, want Mando back! His entire arc in S3 was butchered and shameful, and we didn't get the proper dose of Pedro Pascal on the screen the way we're supposed to while watching this show. S4 has to bring Mando back into action and develop his and Grogu's arc finally.

Bo-Katan is great and all, and we'd love to watch the relationship between her and the unlikely father-son duo of Din and Grogu develop — but first and foremost, we want to see Mando's importance for the Galaxy and the show re-established.

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