3 Things Warner Bros. Could Do To Save 'The Flash' Amid Ezra Miller Controversy

3 Things Warner Bros. Could Do To Save 'The Flash' Amid Ezra Miller Controversy
Image credit: Legion-Media

Being a DCEU fan these days comes with a price; after yet another Ezra Miller-related scandal DC fans are asking Warner Bros. to just "ditch the guy" and be done with the whole 'The Flash' controversy once and for all. Are there any other options, though?

Ezra Miller has made headlines again, as the actor has been accused of grooming an underage girl (via TMZ). And it seems that DC fans are finally fed up with Miller's antics and are urging Warner Bros. to take immediate action.

'The Flash ' movie has been stuck in development hell for quite some time now, with constant delays, reshoots and problems with the main star threatening to ruin not only the movie itself, but the DCEU as a whole. Miller's transition from beloved actor to notorious spoiled brat accused of harassing several people certainly didn't help promote the upcoming Barry Allen-centered film. And it looks like Warner Bros. has only three options to try to defuse the situation.

Recast Ezra Miller

The most obvious idea to save the franchise is to recast Miller with another actor, but this decision would not be as elegant as one would like. The studio has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the film, and a reshoot would require a much larger financial infusion. Of course, Warner Bros. could try to use face-swapping technology, but the finished result would most certainly look ridiculous.

I know DC/Warner has invested a lot in Ezra Miller but it's time to cut bait. Recast, reshoot or face swap if you must--but it's time to lance the boil and ditch this guy. Continued association will do you nothing but harm. – @ErikJLarsen.

Dump the film on HBO Max and forget about it

Warner Bros. has a great platform to release its films, since HBO Max already boasts a pretty significant number of paying subscribers. Perhaps, to avoid controversy, Warner Bros. could just premiere 'The Flash' there, visibly distancing itself from the picture and the Ezra Miller escapades, while trying to make some money in the process. It would certainly take a blow to the studio's reputation, but sometimes you have to make such tough decisions.

DC should just cut their losses and release The Flash on HBO Max now. He has ruined any chance of it making any money and only keeps doing worse things to hurt it more. – @MovieFanMan75.

Shelve 'The Flash'

Some fans believe that the only possible way for the major studio to save the DCEU is to abandon 'The Flash' completely, without even caring about possible financial losses. People clearly don't want to see Miller on screen again, and perhaps Warner Bros. should heed their wishes by postponing the film indefinitely, in hopes of releasing it someday.

I think at this point for the sake of saving face WB need to just cut their losses and drop The Flash movie completely because i just don't see this ever being a good option with this loon involved... Even with it just sneaking out on HBO Max it'll cause issues most likely. – BrokenSerenity.