5 Best Paul Mescal Movies and Shows to Watch Ahead of Gladiator 2 Release

5 Best Paul Mescal Movies and Shows to Watch Ahead of Gladiator 2 Release
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Witness the most promising young actor of our time.

The filmography of 27-year-old Paul Mescal is not long, but what counts is not the number of projects, but the quality. Paul became famous thanks to the series Normal People, then competed for the Oscar in the nomination for Best Actor, and is now starring in the sequel to Ridley Scott's Gladiator.

If you still don't know who Paul Mescal is, these five projects will shed some light on why he has become one of the biggest stars in just a few years.

1. Normal People

The plot of Normal People centers on Marianne and Connell, schoolmates from different social classes. In their senior year, they start dating, but in secret: Connell doesn't want their small provincial town to know that he's sleeping with the school's main weirdo. Over the next few years, the two break up and get back together – as a couple, as friends, and as lovers.

For the then 24-year-old Mescal, a Trinity College graduate and former footballer (much like his character), this was his first major role. He previously played Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby at Dublin's Gate Theatre, as well as in several London theaters.

2. Aftersun

Eleven-year-old Sophie goes on vacation with her father Calum, who is about to turn thirty. 12 years later, she remembers the vacation she spent with him, filled with the kindest and warmest emotions. Sophie adores Calum, Calum adores Sophie, and yet they inevitably drift apart, and the vacation itself becomes more and more like a farewell with each passing day.

Mescal was afraid that he would not get the part: at the time of casting, he was five years younger than the character. But the filmmakers were not bothered by this, and were captivated by the attention with which the actor approached the character.

3. The Lost Daughter

Leda, an English professor and mother of two grown daughters, goes on vacation to Greece. Alone with herself, she remembers and analyzes the most important events and mistakes of her life.

The film, based on Elena Ferrante's novel of the same name, marked the directorial debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal. Paul Mescal played a young man who meets Leda, played by Olivia Colman. The result is a drama not only about self-reflection, but also about relationships between people of different ages.

4. God's Creatures

In an Irish village, the body of a drowned fisherman is found on the shore. The mother is heartbroken, and her colleague at the fish factory, Aileen, helps the woman recover from her grief. She even offers to give some of the deceased's clothes to her son, Brian, who appears on the doorstep after a long absence. The clothes are handed over, and with them the curse of the patriarchy goes to the new owner.

In this project, Mescal played a rather unusual role for himself -–he turns into a confused, lying, but socially approved villain.

5. The Deceived

A young student, Ophelia, falls in love with her teacher, but their relationship leads to a tragic death. The girl finds herself trapped in her own mind and begins to lose touch with reality.

The Deceived was Paul Mescal's first serious work in which he played a supporting role. The series is especially recommended for those who love British detective series with intricate plots.