5 Most Wholesome Harry Potter Scenes That Will Make You Feel Better Instantly

5 Most Wholesome Harry Potter Scenes That Will Make You Feel Better Instantly
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The Harry Potter movie saga is full of its own dramatic moments, but sometimes, these films are the best choice if you just want to return to the safe space of the magical childhood.

Some scenes in Harry Potter seem to be deliberately enchanted to make you feel better – maybe that's why people across the world love to re-watch these movies (or re-read the books) around winter holidays. In need of some feel-good magic? Here you go.

"Always Wanted to Use That Spell"

Perhaps Deathly Hallows Part 2 is not exactly the first choice for feel-good vibes in the entire franchise, but you'd be surprised to learn just how many wholesome moments this chapter has. One of the undisputed fan favorites is when Professor McGonagall summons the protectors of Hogwarts to protect the castle from Lord Voldemort's army.

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"Piertotum locomotor! Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!" she says, only to then giggle in the most Gryffindor way possible and let Molly Weasley know that she always wanted to use that spell.

Some fans even think that she and Molly could be secret pen pals who bonded over their experience with kids. The Piertotum Locomotor scene is dramatic enough with the majestic score by Alexander Desplat and the general atmosphere of the looming war, but McGonagall manages to make it brighter even at a time like this.

Ron Staying at Hogwarts

Back to the roots, let's remember how Ron Weasley stayed at the castle in the very first chapter, Philosopher's Stone, only for Harry to have someone to spend Christmas with.

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The role that the Weasley family plays in Harry's life is undoubtedly huge, and Ron's part in it is also incredibly important. After all, he could have simply gone home for Christmas, but he chose to stay at Hogwarts to keep a company for a boy he hardly knew at the time.

Double Troublin'

In one of the coziest scenes of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, right after the students enjoy the Hogwarts choir performing Double Trouble, Harry is joined by some friends at the dorm, and they enjoy some kind of treats that apparently allows one to copy animal sounds. During the fun evening, Seamus turns into a "monkey", Neville impersonates an elephant, and Ron roars like a tiger.

However, Harry immediately wins when he takes a risk and eats a treat that suddenly turns him into a "train", with smoke coming out of his ears, and his mouth unleashing a sound that could compete with those of Hogwarts Express.

Why can't the entire movie saga be like this? Just fun times at Gryffindor's dorms, and no one is hurt? Please?

Dudley's Apology

The scene has never actually made it into Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, but at least one member of the Dursley family actually was mature enough to say sorry to Harry for the years of bullying.

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It was Dudley; when the family was packing their things and moving away from Privet Drive in order not to become targets for Voldemort, he was the one to step towards Harry and give him a handshake. We can think of it as some kind of an awkward redemption arc, apparently.

Harry's "Lucky" Quest

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry uses the Prince's potions book wisely and secures himself a bottle of Liquid Luck. Sticking to Professor Slughorn's advice to "use it well", Harry only drinks the potion when he needs to complete Dumbledore's task and collect Slughorn's authentic memories about Tom Riddle and horcruxes.

The mission is very serious and dramatic, but Liquid Luck makes Harry look like maybe he drank something else as he parades through Hogwarts only to "occasionally" meet Slughorn on his way out to Hagrid's. That "Harry?! – Sir?!" exchange will live in our heads rent-free forever.