5 Spy TV Shows That Could Easily Compete With Mission Impossible

5 Spy TV Shows That Could Easily Compete With Mission Impossible
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Prepare for the adventure of your life!

With the amount of romance and procedural shows on TV, sometimes it's hard to find something of a different genre. Something more gripping and adventurous that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode.

Although there is plenty of room for a new spy or blockbuster series to come out, there are some pretty good ones you can start exploring today.

Here are 5 series about spies on a mission that are sure to keep you entertained after a long day at work.

The Spy (2019)

Based on true events in the life of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, this miniseries will have you binge-watching in no time.

With just the right amount of adventure, drama and emotion from star Sacha Baron Cohen, this show could end up on everyone's list of favorites.

The Night Manager (2016)

Another miniseries produced by the BBC with an amazing cast including Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Elizabeth Debicki.

The 7 episodes of The Night Manager tell the story of the night manager of a Cairo hotel who is recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of an arms dealer.

Homeland (2011)

A perfect choice for those who prefer longer shows with many seasons to watch.

Although Homeland certainly has its own hits and misses, this showcase drama about a CIA agent turned against her country by al-Qaeda will not leave any viewer bored.

London Spy (2015)

This story of love, espionage, and murder is as thrilling as it is intriguing. You'll join Danny on a mission to solve the mystery behind his late lover's secret spy work. Buckle up for 5 very emotional and intense episodes.

Patriot (2015)

Another multi-season show that has captured the hearts of audiences with an interesting premise of Officer John Tavner being assigned to prevent Iran from going nuclear and finding a solution by going undercover as an employee at a Milwaukee industrial piping company. It's funny, it's dramatic, and it has just enough action to keep you entertained.