7 Sarcastic Kings on Television We All Love, Ranked

7 Sarcastic Kings on Television We All Love, Ranked
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Regardless of the genre, every show needs the funny guy of the group, the character who spits out sarcasm and warms our souls, the one who is usually the audience's darling. We bet you can think of a few names right now!

We are convinced that a show can't last long if it doesn't have that one character who makes you want to keep watching it no matter what nonsense is currently going on. Yes, we have proof.

Here are seven characters who saved the show with their sarcastic delivery, ranked from hilarious to they-are-the-reason-the-show-was-on-air-for-so-long.

7. Dean Winchester from Supernatural

Don't shoot us, there is a reason that Dean is in the seventh place. He is hilarious, and his dark humor has made many of Supernatural's gloomy moments a little more lighthearted.

However, the show is awesome on its own, and humor is not its main strength, but rather a nice bonus!

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6. Nick Miller from New Girl

Jake Johnson's delivery has given New Girl a much-needed edge, and we never looked back. Nick is one of the most relatable characters on modern television, and his natural sarcasm plays a huge role in that.

"Nick Miller: Turning lemonade into lemons since 1981" – we felt that in our souls.

5. Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer

It's not that often that the main character on the show is also the comedic relief, but it seemed to work out well for Lucifer.

Tom Ellis was literally born to play the charismatic devil, and Lucifer's sarcastic approach to life is what made us all fall in love with him and the show in the first place.

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4. Chandler Bing from Friends

Did you really expect to read an article about the funniest characters on television and not see the inventor of sarcasm himself on here? Come on, be serious.

Friends' Chandler has shaped many of our young minds well into adulthood and is the reason we personally respond to a buddy's problem with "I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"

3. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

The ultimate bad guy, set on the right path by love, was once everyone's crush (and don't even tell us he wasn't yours). His dark sense of humor has always been the pinnacle of Damon's appeal.

Plus, The Vampire Diaries got so bad in the last few seasons that Damon was the only thing keeping the show afloat.

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2. Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf

Over the course of six seasons, Stiles went from the awkwardly relatable guy that his crush disregarded to the hero of the hour that everyone respected.

Although we aren't acknowledging the last three seasons (because they don't exist), Stiles is responsible for the show's prolonged run that it didn't really deserve.

1. Jughead Jones from Riverdale

The crown certainly goes to Jughead as no one has carried more weight on their shoulders than he has had for the last six seasons of Riverdale.

The show in its current state has strayed far from what it was in its first season, but we all keep watching for Jughead. The CW owes Cole Sprouse a long-overdue raise!

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We rest our case. Every show (even the most ridiculous one) needs a sarcastic king to survive past season 1.